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coffee hand roasted since 1985

Espresso Valeroso

We take single origin Organic and Fair Trade beans from Central America and roast them to their optimal shade. After they have cooled and settled, we blend these beans together to form a rich medley that gives hints of acidity from the lighter roasted beans, depth of flavor from our medium blend and finally a touch of smoke from our French Roast. The result is a well-balanced cup with hearty overtones and a subtle hint of caramel.

Organic coffee is grown without chemical pesticides or herbicides. This process uses only natural fertilizers and sustainable farming methods. From harvest to roasting, coffee must meet rigorous requirements at each step of the process in order to be certified.

Fair Trade acts as a safety net for small farmers, ensuring that they are paid a fair price for their coffee crop. This practice not only covers production costs, but also healthcare, housing and education expenses for farmers and their families.

Cupping Information

Body: Full

Coffee Details

  • medium
  • full
  • very full
  • light
  • medium
  • dark
  • Smooth
  • Balanced
  • Bright

Coffee Region


Espresso Classico

Spicy and complex with notes of citrus.


Espresso Italiano

Sophisticated, spicy and rich.